All of the prices include 4 different stages of treatment:
Consultation, Initial Procedure, Aftercare & Follow up Procedure

(All prices include VAT)

  • Eye Lash Enhancement £300 (Gives the appearance of thicker lashes at the base)
  • Naturally Defined Eye Liner £355 (Subtle and suitable definition for all day everyday look)
  • Thick / Strong Eyeliner £420 (Eyeliner that gives instant impact)
  • Latino Style Liner £420 (Strong crisp eyeliner with flick/wing)
  • Shaded or Smudgy Eyeliner £420
  • Naturally defined Liner £420 (Gives a crisp edge to lips that lack in a shade that matches the true lip colour)
  • Impact Liner and Blush £475 (Gives definition, volumising effect in a contrasting colour)
  • Subtle Lip Contour and Shading £475 (Gives definition, volumising effect using soft subtle colour)
Eyebrow Enhancements
  • 3D Hair Stroke Effect £420
  • Powdered Brow £420
Top Ups
  • All top-up procedures are charged at 50% of the current price

All of the prices include the following 4 stages of treatment:


Miriam will explain step by step the cosmetic tattooing procedure and what can be achieved. Skin colouring, design, medical background, placement and pigment choice will be fully considered.

Initial Procedure

The initial procedure will take about 1 hour 30 minutes, 50 minutes for the anaesthetic to take effect – 20 minutes for the design and 20 minutes for the actual permanent makeup procedure.


At the end of the treatment Miriam will instruct you how to look after the treated area, you will also begiven a sachet of aftercare product which you will take home. It is extremely important that you adhere to the advice given upon leaving the clinic.

Followup Procedure

This is a top-up procedure which is necessary to ensure the original pigment doesn’t fade too quickly. This procedure needs to be carried out after a month but within 3 months after initial treatment.

I have put off having my eyebrows done for years because I was too scared, but now they are done I LOVE them! I’ve got the eyebrows I always wanted, I can throw the pencil in the bin now! I wish I hadn’t put it off for so long. Definitely recommend it
Janet P. - Leeds
Very friendly salon greeted with smiles n a hot drink very clean. Love my new brows defo have the wow factor I wanted. Miriam knew exactly what I wanted defo recommend her to my friends and clients thankyou Miriam x
Bal Hairdresser
Miriam, thank you so much for my perfect eyebrows! I’ve just been staring at them since I got home!! Even my husband commented on then saying how good they looked. Can’t wait to get my full face of make up on with my eyelashes on sat night to show them off!!
Katie Nicolaou

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