Megan Fox’s REAL Beauty

Megan Fox is one of the most beautiful women in the media in this day and age.  Men and women the world over admire her stunning looks, is it her hair, her piercing eyes, her flawless complexion, her full pouting lips????  I would suggest that a very large portion of her beauty is down to her perfect eyebrows.  I have read recently that 70% of your facial expressions come from your eyebrows, lets see just how much of that beauty and expression disappears when her eyebrows disappear………………..


……………….. Interesting.  It really is quite clear that her eyebrows totally transform her look.  I have always believed that investing in your eyebrows (whether it be having them shaped, tinted or the ultimate in eyebrow treatment – permanent makeup)  should be right up there at the top of your beauty “to-do” list.  Eyebrows don’t just frame your face, they can transform your look and increase your beauty and expression dramatically.  Make your eyebrows the top of your beauty “to-do” list and the rest of your beauty regime will take on less importance because you will instantly look and feel “more beautiful”.