When Miriam met Lisa

Although Lisa quiet liked her lips she had always hated the fact they were pale and lacked definition. She was worried her lips would be bright red, but see how they faded to a more natural colour once healed…


I saw Miriam’s lip pictures on the internet and they looked so good I had to get booked in because although I quite liked my lips they were always so pale and lacked definition. Miriam showed me lots of pictures first of how the colour fades when healed because I was worried I would be stuck with bright red lipstick! But all the healed lips looked so natural, I wanted a soft pink colour so we chose a medium to dark pink colour to allow for it fading.


The anaesthetic cream was applied on thick for a good 40 minutes before we started, then Miriam drew the lip liner and blended into my lips so I could see the exact shape and outline. She was very gentle and talked me through the whole procedure, the only part that was alittle uncomfortable was at the cupids bow so she took some time to apply more numbing cream. The rest of the treatment just felt like deep vibrations and not particularly painful at all.

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When I looked in the mirror the colour was pretty bright (as I knew it would be) but the outline was spot on, perfect. She had even made my lips more symmetrical than they were before as one side was a little thinner on the top lip. It took about five days to heal and I am really happy with the final colour, its really soft and just enough to give me that definition. All I do now is use vaseline for a bit of shine.

I have put off having my eyebrows done for years because I was too scared, but now they are done I LOVE them! I’ve got the eyebrows I always wanted, I can throw the pencil in the bin now! I wish I hadn’t put it off for so long. Definitely recommend it
Janet P. - Leeds
Very friendly salon greeted with smiles n a hot drink very clean. Love my new brows defo have the wow factor I wanted. Miriam knew exactly what I wanted defo recommend her to my friends and clients thankyou Miriam x
Bal Hairdresser
Miriam, thank you so much for my perfect eyebrows! I’ve just been staring at them since I got home!! Even my husband commented on then saying how good they looked. Can’t wait to get my full face of make up on with my eyelashes on sat night to show them off!!
Katie Nicolaou


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