When Miriam met Emma

Emma always wanted her eyeliner done because it’s the only makeup she wears along with mascara. She was nervous at the thought of the needle coming so close to my eye, but she had nothing to worry about…


I’ve always wanted my eyeliner done because it’s the only makeup I wear along with mascara. I was nervous at the thought of the needle coming so close to my eye but a lot of my friends have had it done with Miriam and so I knew I’d be ok. I wanted quite a thick eyeliner as I wear black liquid liner so I wanted the tattoo to mimic that. Miriam drew the eyeliner first so I could see how it would look.


I had to lay with anaesthetic on for a while and then once I was ready, I honestly only felt the vibrations and a tickly sensation. I didn’t really see the needle because my eyes were closed for most of the treatment so it wasn’t as strange as I thought. It did get a little tender towards the end but nothing major.

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When it was finished it looked so neat and crisp I couldn’t believe how precise it was! The day after I didn’t have bruising or bad swelling it just looked like I had had a late night or been crying the night before, but it went down later that day. I was advised not to wear mascara until it had healed so I had my eyelashes tinted the week before. The finished result is just great, so neat and it doesn’t smudge at the end of the day!

I have put off having my eyebrows done for years because I was too scared, but now they are done I LOVE them! I’ve got the eyebrows I always wanted, I can throw the pencil in the bin now! I wish I hadn’t put it off for so long. Definitely recommend it
Janet P. - Leeds
Very friendly salon greeted with smiles n a hot drink very clean. Love my new brows defo have the wow factor I wanted. Miriam knew exactly what I wanted defo recommend her to my friends and clients thankyou Miriam x
Bal Hairdresser
Miriam, thank you so much for my perfect eyebrows! I’ve just been staring at them since I got home!! Even my husband commented on then saying how good they looked. Can’t wait to get my full face of make up on with my eyelashes on sat night to show them off!!
Katie Nicolaou


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